Silens Vir (wolviepris) wrote in roleplayers,
Silens Vir

Resolving a mutually beneficial conflict (Dresden Files RPG)

We've been playing the Dresden Files RPG based on the FATE system for a few months now, and we recently ran into a strange conundrum. One party member has a power straight from the book called Cassandra's Tears which lets him get visions of the future at the cost that people are predisposed to disbelieving him. He received a vision that he wanted to share with another player that an enemy gunman would be waiting where the PC was going. However, because he wasn't sure how to resolve it without just stating it unhindered to the party, he kept quiet which ultimately isn't really in keeping with one of his aspects and frankly limits the potential storytelling of the power.

I'm looking for how to frame a roll so that if he succeeds, he can give the answer straightfaced to the other player. A failure would probably be played out as "He tries to offer you some advice, but you brush off his rambling". The book suggests a -2 penalty when trying to convince others of your visions. However the roll itself isn't clear. My first thought is rapport or intimidation (depending on his tone) -2 vs. a social defense, but this means empathic characters are resistant to him when I feel like they should be the best judges of character. Doing the opposite and having him try to roll under their score would reward him for keeping bad social scores. Any thoughts on how to resolve such a roll?
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