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One-Shot Ideas?

Looks like I am running a one-shot adventure for my gaming group this Sunday (well, half of my gaming group, hence the one-shot part). The problem is: I am having trouble thinking of any good ideas.

I would like to do something not-fantasy, since both our regular campaigns are fantasy.  I've been playing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas lately, so I am thinking about pulling something from there and making it into a one-shot.  Maybe something dealing with Caesar's Legion or the lunatic scientist-brains-in-jars at Big MT.  But I also have this vague idea of superheroes vs zombies: build some superheroes and let them just go crazy rescuing civilians and killing zombies, maybe throw in a zombified super-villain or two... Right now, the actual game system I will use is not important- we have several at our disposal, and I will use whichever fits the scenario best.

But ideas and suggestions are most welcome!

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