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Brand-New Gamers


I am within one month of finishing my master's program, and unless something absolutely unforeseen and borderline miraculous happens in that time, I'll be moving away to (theoretically) bigger, better things. This also means I will be leaving the gaming group I've been a part of for the last decade.

Now, there's no doubt that I'll miss those wacky kids. It is a good group of mature, experienced, talented role-players that will go on without me. And each and every one is a great GM as well, with some fun campaign ideas. But part of me thinks things were getting somewhat stagnant, so I am also looking forward to a change.

And that brings me to my question. Last session, we were reminiscing about a couple of very fun and promising gamers who once played with us (I live in a college town, so there was a good deal of turnover there for awhile). Those guys were new gamers, and although I can honestly say they had potential, part of the fun was just playing with new gamers.

I think it would be a lot of fun to GM for total newbies. So, I wonder: how would one go about starting a new group of entirely new gamers (adult gamers, because asking a bunch of minors to play would be kind of creepy)?   Has anyone tried this, or found themselves in this situation? What was your experience like? What tips, advice, or dire warnings can you give me?
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