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Amber: What It Isn't

I've read the first novel in the Amber prequels.  Now, while it isn't a very popular book, it was written with the blessing of the estate, so I'm willing to accept it on those terms.  While I will say it deserves it's 3/5 stars, I will also say it was very educational for the Amber RPG.  I've learned a lot from it in fact.

The big thing is Trump, and where it comes from.  Trump is not a power source (like they say in the RPG), it is a focussing tool for using Pattern or Logrus.  You imbue the trump with a portion of power, which allows you to 'short cut' shadow shifting and allows you to make a contact with someone, drawing off of Pattern or Logrus as the power source to do so.  Trumps are not indestructible - they can be crushed or broken like any other card or piece of paper.  They don't 'sting' Logrus users, or anything of the sort.

The Logrus does not require any form of shape shifting - Dworkin's children have navigated the Logrus, and none of them knew how to shape shift.  It is hazardous, but only in that it causes physical and mental drain.  And while the powerful bloodlines of Chaos can learn to navigate the Logrus, the weaker bloodlines can actually find it hazardous or fatal - or not be able to navigate it at all.

Each Chaosian has a 'copy' of the Logrus within them - effectively they hold in their blood a pattern of the Logrus, and navigating it attunes them to the Logrus so they can call upon it.  If this 'pattern' diverges too much, you can't navigate the Logrus.

The rest of this is spoilers, so I'll stop there.  However, as you can see, this veers wildly off from the RPG - but actually meshes neatly with the novels.  So... this means I need to re-think my Amber game some.
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