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This isn't strictly an RPG topic, but I'm designing a version of Monopoly based on H.P. Lovecraft's writings. So players will be purchasing properties named in the stories (like Miskatonic University, Arkham, R'leyh). And instead of paying with money, you lose/gain sanity points.

The only major problem I'm having is how to handle houses/hotels. What should they represent in the game and what sort of effect should having them generate in the game? It seems a bit off to say that houses/hotels just "steal" sanity from other players and give it to you.

Here's my possible ideas:

1. When a player lands on a property you own with houses/hotels on it, instead of gaining sanity, the presence of the house/hotel lessens the sanity loss from that property. Similarly, hotels prevent all sanity loss from properties they're built on. This plays off the idea of modifying the game to be a "Players vs. the game" type of game instead of player vs. player. If I use this variation, I might consider somehow upping the basic sanity loss from landing on a property as the game advances, so players have incentive to build in order to help each other.

2. Another possibility, using the Players vs. Game structure, is to say that whenever a player lands on a property with houses/hotels, the rent they pay is then split up evenly among the other players in sanity gain.

3. Only having houses/hotels on a property you own allows you to regain sanity. If a player lands on a property you own with no houses or hotels, they just lose sanity and you don't gain any.

4. If you land on a property you own, you gain sanity equal to the rent. If other players land on a property you own, they lose sanity equal to the rent, but you don't gain any. I was also toying with the idea of giving players the option of having their houses/hotels grant sanity to anyone who lands on that property OR take it away.

Do any of these seem to apply better to the Lovecraft theme? Or should I just stick with the standard rules for houses/hotels?
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