Lampshade (annelidsquisher) wrote in roleplayers,

So... Kill Puppies for Satan.

Man oh man. I mentioned this game to my friends for a quick laugh, and a surprising percentage of the gamers I know were like "Ooh, that sounds *fun*. I'd try this." S.O.'s of gamers were intrigued, even if they normally scoffed at 'playing pretend' in the past. More women than men. The nicer the person, the more interested they were. I couldn't not run it.

Three hours later, people felt vaguely terrible about themselves but had a metric ton of fun. I'm pretty sure details would be inappropriate without an lj-cut, so I'm leaving those out for now (or maybe will post them on my own journal if folks, for some reason, have a burning desire to know how my friends killed puppies for satan), but damn.

Now one of the women who played in that first session told her girlfriends, and they want me to run a session for them. After years of progressively more gender-mixed playgroups, I'm ashamed to say that this will be my first group as the only guy at the gaming table. Excited! Uncertain! I'm going to be asking a bunch of people who may never have played tabletop RPGs before to kill puppies for satan! Advice? Hate? Love? Marriage proposals? (Just kidding, you know what they say...)

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