brother_dour (brother_dour) wrote in roleplayers,

HERO System Q&A

At the suggestion of a_thoreau_plan , I am starting a thread about the HERO system. In the "Systems" thread, I mentioned that I don't know anything about that system. dybbuk67 also quoted someone as saying, "It was the first game I ever played that let you create ANYTHING."

That really piqued my curiosity (even though I am striving for the same in my own system, and I realize that I might have the horrible realization that HERO is better). Having played every iteration of D&D up till 4E, Saga, Alternity, Champs, the original CoC and West End Star Wars, Rolemaster (owwies), Marvel Supers, Savage Worlds, and a handful of random others, the ability to create anything is kind of the Holy Grail for me.

So...this thread is all about HERO. How does it work? What genres does it work best with? What do you like and dislike about it? Is it still in production/ for sale somewhere?

Please, discuss.

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