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Fonts and Fairy Tails

Two questions that I would like to ask everyone. First, the more straightforward one:

Anyone remember the old 2nd Edition Planescape campaign? I'm sure some of y'all do. Anyone know what that font was called?

Here's the second question. I am planning to run a short (probably no more than 10 sessions) summer campaign based very heavily on an anime I <3 called Fairy Tail. None of my players have seen it, so it will be new and fresh to them- right now I am looking for ways to insert the PCs into the main storyline. My idea is to take one of the 'main' characters out totally and put the PCs as a party in his/her place (for those of you who are familiar with the anime, I am thinking of removing Natsu of all people so the PCs can become the guilds big heroes). 

There is a big difference of opinion in my usual group about this kind of thing: my roommate and I think it is perfectly possible to run a good campaign in an established setting with iconic characters without relegating the PCs to bit characters. Two of the group, however, are absolutely against this- they believe that even if the PCs have a major, important role in the campaign they should NEVER be in the same scenes as the iconic characters, and ideally shouldn't ever meet them (for example, PCs in a Star Wars campaign should not meet Luke or Han or Lando and certainly should not be involved at Hoth or Endor according to my buddies).

What do you guys think? Is it always a bad idea to mix PCs and iconic characters, or is doing so successfully just good DMing?
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