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Historic RPG Modules for Sale (Charity Benefit)

Back in the day, I played RPGs with a bunch of creative J.R.R. Tolkien fans who eventually founded a gaming company called Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE). They obtained legitimate rights to Tolkien's works, and I eventually wrote several modules for their Middle Earth Roleplaying system (MERP).

I currently have two of these up for auction to benefit Con or Bust (auction page here). You can read about the charity here. The modules are:

These are original editions in original shrink wrap, brand new. The opening bid for both (together) is $20. If you like older games, Tolkien, or just selling stuff on eBay, you should check this out. I have linked the titles (above) to the Amazon pages for each, so you can check out how much other people are currently asking for each module, new (the page for Pirates also has a brief review).

There's also another auction lot by a different person, featuring all 5 of ICE's "Choose Your Own Adventure"-type books, based on the Chronicles of Narnia.

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