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New DnD Campaign Setting

Just got back from a two week vacation in Canada. I ran a couple of successful DnD adventures with friends up there, and one of them told me after the last session that, basically, if he hears I'm ever running a game he'll be there no matter what. It's very cool for a GM to hear. Oh, and we saw both "Gamers" movies prior to play to sort of get in the mood.

That aside, I wanted to let you all know of a new DnD 3.5/Pathfinder campaign setting I've been designing. I plan to post it in a series of articles on my blog. It's free for you to leave comments, use for your own adventures, steal ideas from, whatever. If you have suggestions on how I might improve certain aspects of it, feel free to let me know.

The setting is called Techana. In the Techana DnD universe, whenever a creature with consciousness uses that consciousness to make something, they imbue that object with a bit of its own life. Think of it as a law of nature, as ordinary as gravity. Only this law is variable. Depending on the craftsmanship techniques, you can imbue a little or a lot of life to your creations with variable effects. With this idea as the basis, I've developed a free-standing DnD universe with its own cosmology, gods, variant magic rules and all the rest.

In some ways, the setting is very much like Eberron, and I even use a few things directly from Eberron, but Techana is much more steampunk. You might even classify it as science fantasy more than the standard sword and sorcery of most DnD campaign settings.
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