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The New Magneto...maybe?

First, some background information:

My roommate is GMing a post-apocalyptic D20 Modern campaign based loosely on the Jericho TV series with liberal sprinklings of Urban Arcana and superheroes. My character, a former career CIA agent who must have a goal to work toward to be happy finds himself somewhat of a ronin- the remnants of the former U.S government is still around and cohesive, but he has no way to contact them. The upstart government is, in his mind, a bunch of untrustworthy mass-murdering psychopaths who were directly responsible for WWIII. The Blackwater-like private security company who was once employed by said upstart government are just as bad, and hate him with a vengeance due to past plan-thwartings and the assassination of their most important field officer. Finally, the reformed Republic of Texas is taking an unsettling interest in the new 'supers', which my character is one of (he is an Urban Arcana technomage with an additional mutant superpower that allows him to make electronic devices function or not at will, regardless of their condition).

What does this have to do with Magneto? Well, my character has decided that since all the major players either want to control or eradicate the new supers, the supers need to band together for their own self-interests. However, I was never a big comic book fan, and although I am familiar with Magneto and what went wrong with Genosia. Otherwise, I'm flying blind here.

So, I ask your help. If you were an early superhero attempting to track down and organize all the world's other new supers, what would you do? What wouldn't you do? What would the biggest obstacles and pitfalls to this plan be?
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