brother_dour (brother_dour) wrote in roleplayers,

Mapmaking A Go-Go

A friend of mine asked me to draw floor plans for a huge Victorian-era mansion for an upcoming con (probably Owlcon in Houston) he's running a game in. Knowing him, it's CoC or some similar Gothic horror-type game. A little short notice given my school schedule, but since I am a self-employed designer and l-u-v looove architecture I fired up AutoCAD and decided to tackle it. In addition, I'm starting a second playtest group for my sci-fi system, which is set in post-apocalyptic Texas; because I have a ton of Texas GIS files from a previous class, I think I will produce a few quick and dirty GIS maps so the players can keep track of how the game world has changed from real life easier (two of them, bless their hearts, have no concept of spatial relationships whatsoever).

This makes me curious: how many of you guys and gals love to draw maps for your campaigns? How do you use them- to track minis, to help the players visualize areas, or just for the Hell of it? What is your preferred method for drawing maps- by hand, with CAD, or some really slick graphics program?
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