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Blood on the snow: Christmas games

With the annual Halloween game out of the way, I'm trying to come up with ideas for a Christmas one-shot. It's a perfect opportunity to dig out one of those games we never play, but since we never play them I don't really know what they're like...

My basic concept is that it's the winter solstice and the PCs are going to be making sure that the sun rises in the morning. This could work in a variety of settings and systems so I'm wondering if anyone has experience of any of the following games who can give me some insight/ideas?

The Everlasting
I've got the four main books but no add-on stuff. I've never played it (the stuff about candle ceremonies and roleplaying via lucid dreaming put me off) but there seem to be people who enjoy it.

I've got the original book. Again, never played, and never found anyone who really knows what to do with it other than admire the pretty pictures. Would the setting work with a different system? I've played oWoD Changeling and love it to bits, but my group really aren't keen on the White Wolf rules system either.

I've got the box set. I've played and run this before, so I'm reasonably confident I can run a game, but I'm always open to ideas.

Other stuff
I have all kinds of random books lying around. What else is awesome for Christmas games?
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