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Project Vanguard

A friend and I are brainstorming a new tabletop RPG we're calling Vanguard. It's high-tech 007/Mission: Impossible espionage in space. So far we've sketched out the outline of the Vanguard organization and come up with some basic ideas for what sorts of classes a player can choose and what the players' space ship will be capable of doing.

We're calling the ship the S. S. Phantom and it's the prototype ship for the Vanguard program. It features high speed and maneuverability, an array of incredibly powerful sensors and the ability to camouflage itself as a different kind of ship through the use of holographic projection and false engine/ID tag signals. The idea is that Vanguard serves as the internal top secret security force for the human space empire. Overt combat, especially space combat, is going to be at a minimum. Most battles will be ideally won through a combination of subterfuge, computer/technological wizardry and selective, targeted strikes. 

We're thinking of basing the game system on the NeoWoD's d10 system, borrowing especially hard from Hunter: The Vigil because of its emphasis on team tactics and advanced personal training.

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