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Making a system+setting

Right, so basically I started a project to make a full game system and a setting to acompany it, and unfortunately so far what limited amounts of work have been done have all been for the setting. I like the setting, and it's fun to write about, but of course the system is kinda more important and less blaggable when it comes to actually getting together some day-long test campaigns and stuff, which is something that should be happening pretty soon - players are getting a touch impatient. It's got a bit of an Exalted-esque power level (i.e. demi-godlike) with a bit more of a classic fantasy feel, though I am making distinct effort to be original and generally batshit insane wherever humanly possible.

The basic dice system is a skill vs. difficulty system where a number of d6s equal to the attribute being used (1-5) are rolled and then added to the skill being used (1-30, but lower than 20 in all but rather rare cases). There'll be some twists with this in various situations, but that's the base of it. Are there any obvious faults with this that I'm missing? Has something like this been done before? I've no clue.

But what I'm looking for a bit of help with is the basic combat system if at all possible. I want to make a system that allows for strategy and planning and requires that the players put in consideration, but at the same time isn't too strict or rigid in its rulings - I certainly don't want to be using battle grids or anything similarly restrictive, but I'd like it to come down to more than just describing a characters actions.

The idea that I've had is to use what I'm calling a 'combat points' system. Basically, this would start with the generation of points at the start of battle through a basic attribute+skill roll, using the Speed sttribute and a combat skill. Slight issue here, I have the combat skills seperated by weapon used - kind of like Craft in DnD 3.5e, where there are lines beneath the skill that the plyer is free to fill out themselves to explain what they craft. This leaves me unsure of what to do with a character who wants to be using more than one weapon in a turn. I would seperate weapon skills from a general combat mastery skill to get rid of this problem, but since I'm trying to lower the amnount of necessary skills to make things simpler, other skills are often more vague and all-encompassing than a weapon skill/'knowing what to do in a fight' skill would be.

From there, points would be spent on performing actions in battle, which would be assigned prices based on both how taxing they are and how much time they take to perform. The points rolled in one turn would be used both for attacking and defending, so strategy would come in in the form of deciding how much to conserve for defense, and since defending would be rather less costly than attacking, it would normally be foolish to totally unload a full on attack as soon as the battle starts. The various different abilities of opponents and the randomness factor when determining points would stop people from slipping into habits too much with their point usage, and there'd be various magic based insane stunts to be done and freeform attack description to spice things up further.

So the question is, can I make this work practically? Has something like this been done before? Problems arise in things like how to determine exact costs of various actions on the fly, whether or not there is enough randomness present in the generation of the points (and if not, how to solve this without giving too much extra power to 'speedy' characters?), how to deal with the use of the combat skill, how much one could add to their attacking power by using extra points and how much it would cost to defend against such boosted attacks, and pretty much whatever else anyone has to say about it.
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