ZOMBIE STEVE BUSCEMI (pinkinmoon) wrote in roleplayers,

So does roleplaying with yourself "count" as roleplay?

Pretty self-explanatory question I guess!

How much of roleplay is defined by playing with others?

A friend and I were discussing this the other day, she has a couple of OC journals that she's thinking about turnng into a full-fledged RP comm. Meanwhile, I’m limited to roleplaying solely online because almost no one I know IRL even knows what it is. It's difficult finding games/comms I like so sometimes I'll go for long stretches of time writing for characters that don't interact with other players' characters for a while. (We both lean towards yes btw, as long as everyone's having fun, although I do think it's obviously missing a dimension when you're not playing in a group.)

For those who roleplay with themselves, or have museboxes, or even if you don’t, what do you call it when you dictate the actions of several characters at once, even if they have opposing goals? Imagination (because probably everyone’s been doing this since they were kids)? Or just glorified “plain-and-simple” fiction writing?

For example, even when normally roleplaying I find it almost impossible to RP someone that I am not also writing a journal/private narrative for at the same time -- in other words, someone who has a "private life". I’m also considering starting a game which would encourage these sorts of private side narratives as well.

I’m also disappointed that there aren’t more single-player RPGs like Tunnels & Trolls, which I would love to try out one day.

So what are your thoughts on self-roleplay?
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