brother_dour (brother_dour) wrote in roleplayers,

Campaign question: the medicine bag

Hello folks,

Right now I'm running a post-apocalyptic campaign set several hundred years after a great cataclysm (caused primarily by a scientific experiment gone awry that opened all these rifts to other dimensions). One of my players asked for a medicine bag- it won't have any game effects, it's more of a role-playing prop to go with a mutant power he has. So he went to the tribal shaman and asked what he needs to make his medicine bag.

So now I have to decide what he needs to start gathering before Saturday. I'm thinking that the items should be kind of hard to find, but not impossible, and they should be either from nature, the modern age, or even a near-future setting. Beyond that, I am having trouble thinking stuff up.

I ask the roleplayers community for ideas: what might be in his medicine bag in this setting?
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