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New editions: a question

A brief discussion came up with an acquaintance recently, about how much he hated WotC for creating the Essentials line. He exclaimed that he had now wasted hundreds of dollars supporting 4e for nothing, just like he was a fool to waste money on 3.5.

"It's not like your old books are being disintegrated. They're still there. You can still use them."

But he would not be calmed, explaining that he couldn't bother with them anymore because they were no longer supported.

So, this is some goddamn moon logic to me.

Maybe it's because I started my geeky hobbies not with pen-and-paper games, but with writing and reading fantasy novels, watching anime, and playing video games. When a video game or book series comes out, 4 times out of 5, that's the last product of that there'll ever be. If you got to the end of Final Fantasy 7 and wanted to see more of the adventures of Cloud and company, you either went looking for fanfic, or wrote it yourself.

So my feeling is, if a gaming system isn't being supported any longer, so what? You've still got the product. You can still use the product and create more from it. Roleplaying games are all imagination anyway; it shouldn't be too hard to find or create the community you want for it and have everybody churning out new villains and monsters and adventures.

Is there something I'm missing about this?
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