KT (operations) wrote in roleplayers,

Thank you Wizards, for making it easier to walk away from RPGA play

For years now, I have struggled to make my home games conform to the 'requirements' of RPGA sanctioned play, both for the benefit of my players and myself, in the form of the swag.

Then you cut player rewards.

And now, with the August 'reward' (and I use that term very loosely) we have gotten a letter saying that there will be no more points or rewards for home play, only public events (aka 'Doing your damn advertising for you for less pay than an INTERN gets.') Now, instead of having to gather and report the data, we get the 'reward' in the Event Kits.

The second part, good idea. The first part, well, frankly, bite me. Really.

I've dealt with the system for 4 years, working hard to have a minimum table for reporting, and now you just decide that my home game matters not to you.

Well, guess what? You just made it easier on me to formally decide to hand of the D&D WPN Events to the other guy I got on the system in the Dark Sun Encounters, and start spending the time demoing other games that I like even more for my FLGS like Savage Worlds and Call of Cthulhu. If I'm not getting real support and rewards anymore, I might as well ENJOY the games I am running as much as I can.

Should make it easier to run Eberron at home now, though.


And yes, corradus, you did indeed call this a while ago. You earn your point there. Still going to enjoy my 4e home game, but now I can care even less about their, 'rules.'
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