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That's Not Good...

On a different topic...
Over the last few years, I'd been hinting of a problem in the campaign world I run online.  To the north is a wild region run by 'The Grandmother', Jaga Baba.  The place is primeval, filled with monsters and animals and is very, very wild.  To the south is the Carcosa Woods, a haunted wood filled with the spirits of nature who will mislead and kill anyone who wanders in.  To the west is the Shademire Swamps, where the fabric of reality was torn, and then 'patched' itself, leaving a scar.  There, your nightmares are drawn upon and made real, and undead and various horrors wander around.  From time to time, I'd mention that the northern woods were spreading south, or that the swamp's influence was extending, or that the spirits to the south were getting restless.  The PCs would sort of go 'eh', and keep on with their lives.

Last month, it spilled out into war.  The woods to the north hit the woods to the south and the two borders clashed.  The influence of the north tried to get into the Carcosa Woods, causing the spirits there to agitate and push back, expanding their influence.  Where the two forests intermingle, monsters and spirits fight.  This has since spread into the marsh, making primeval and spiritual horrors suddenly manifest.  To the direct east of this conflict is a small druidic nation.

So, the heroes have gathered armies.  There are three priestly orders going in, with knights and paladins, and one mercenary company heading in as well.  We're talking an army of about a thousand or so getting ready to wade into this mess.

However, last week, another PC performed a ritual.  This ritual was pretty potent, and has caused the spirits across the entire continent to begin to awaken, starting with 'ground zero' of the spell's radius, and heading out.  It's an infectious spell, so any awakened spirit will trigger other spirits to awaken.  This is animism gone insane.  This week, the spell's effects just hit the line where the war is taking place.  And the PC's army is about to walk into the middle of it.

I'm just looking at the train wreck and wondering how many are walking out of it.  The worst case scenario is that with this multitude of spirits awakening on all three sides of the war, the northern primeval forest will devour the southern haunted wood, then get corrupted by the marsh it absorbs, turning about a third of the continent into the Black Woods of Germany... a haunted forest full of monsters and undead, which draws upon your nightmares and makes them come to life.

Fortunately, though, one PC had sent another PC into this mess (in the hopes of PKing the character), not knowing that said PC is actually a shaman, capable of calling, binding, banishing, and negotiating with spirits.  The PC's being sent into the southern branch of the conflict, and may be able to curb / prevent things from escalating to worst-case.  Lucky.

Just sharing.  :)  Anyone else have a train-wreck plot build up due to PC actions / inactions?  And was it salvaged or did it go to hell?
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