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Who are you crazy people?

As I previously mentioned, I am designing an RPG by the title of Spark.   Aiming toward a bit more of a story game approach, though I am still following the usual storyteller/gm role.  Unfortunately I have been working in a White Wolf context so long that I naturally adopt that terminology.  So here is the question for you kind expert; what are the terms you think would be best for the person running and for the people playing in the game?   Some people love specific terms, others get annoyed at each new system using different jargon.  What are your thoughts, oh noble hivemind?  I would love to take your preferences into account.

Game Master (GM), Storyteller (ST), Referee, Arbiter, Director, Dungeon Master (DM), Narrator,


Player, Participant, Actor, Seeker, Member, Audience, Teller, Dreamer, Bard, Seeker, Explorer
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