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Note taking software for GMing?

Does anyone use any note taking software for GMing? It used to be that all I used for GMing was a simple text editor (Notepad++ or Kate, depending on if I was running Windows or Linux that day), and that was good enough. Eventually I moved on to using a spreadsheet so I could easily keep track of stats, initiative orders, and other dynamic numeric content.

Now though, I'm trying things a bit differently. I have a Tablet PC set up specifically for roleplaying now, and I'm trying to organize my notes better (mostly so I can search through them later on and actually find things so I don't have to reinvent the wheel every time).

I just think it would be nice if I had my own little book that has all of the notes I've taken for an adventure / during an adventure in one place. I can put any maps I've drawn of the region, pictures of monsters, stats of villains, interesting quotes said during an adventure, and so on. I don't want to have to deal with wiki formatting or anything like that (I already maintain enough wikis for roleplaying purposes; I don't need to maintain a personal one as well).

Any suggestions? Should I be looking at things like Evernote and Microsoft Onenote? Should I be looking at more Roleplaying-specific note taking software? Am I the only one that has tried organizing this stuff? :P

I prefer free, but I'm willing to spend money if it is the best option. If it would be a good option for me as a player to take notes at the gaming table (either literal or figurative), that'd be a nice plus. Cross-platform would be great, but if it runs under Win7 or Ubuntu I'm probably okay with it.

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