explosivespam (explosivespam) wrote in roleplayers,

Critique this Matrix RPG Scenario

It is fifty years since Neo fostered peace between Zion and the Machines. With the all-engulfing war left in the past, smaller conflicts have arisen to fill the vacuum. Many machines and programs have realized that the same freedoms they fought successfully to wrestle from humans have now been handed over to the machine hierarchy. In response, they have rebelled. Many humans have joined them in their cause, in defiance of the Zion Council and the terms of the treaty.

The humans are just as divided. The Council is currently controlled by old soldiers of the war who refuse any cooperation with machines, particularly that which allows access to any of Zion’s secrets. Others seek a middle path, living in a neutral hub built and preserved by the machines, aiding the development of more inclusive policies on the side of both machine and man. Within all of this remains the Merovingian and others like him, exploiting these conflicts for personal gain, except now with as many human agents as programs. Dual membership also exists in the new cult, Soldiers of Neo (SON), which awaits the expected and imminent arrival of a new One, assuming the old One ever truly died…

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