Doug Pirko (waiwode) wrote in roleplayers,
Doug Pirko

Errant Gaming Observation

Warhammer Fantasy [RPG -ed] wasn't the first fantasy rpg to really break out the wargame, where miniatures and/or chits marked detailed positions and banished the abstractness of 10' x 10' squares (or lack therein) for much smaller squares or hexes.1 But no one can deny that one of the marketing arrows in the GW marketing quiver was to sell more miniatures, although they weren't the hobby giant they later grew into.

So it's kind of funny that in Warhammer 3e battlemats and detailed model placement are gone, in favour of a very Traveller 1e-esque range band, while D&D encounters are now delineated in the same 5' squares that Warhammer used to use. Kind of like a big kharmic wheel of environment tracking mechanics, or a Gamer's plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


1. (Arguably Steve Jackson's Metagaming's Melee and Wizard (forming The Fantasy Trip in '78 but both published in '77) was the first, and SPI's DragonQuest was right behind it in '80).
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