The Bitter Pill With a Fun Candy Coating (mightywombat) wrote in roleplayers,
The Bitter Pill With a Fun Candy Coating

Okay, I have a question. All those of you out there who game compulsively (you know who you are) I'm working on plots for a new D&D3 game and I always have the same problem getting started: I can't come up with a first run to intro all the characters to each other without feeling like I'm railroading everyone...

Do any of you, my fellow gamers, have a favorite way of introducing your characters to each other? I'm looking for truly original ideas, so please, if you don't have anything better than, "You're all in the same tavern when a call for adventurers goes out."

Also, if you have any favorite online resources for DM aides and plot and gaming resources introduce me to those if you could too.

--Mighty Wombat
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