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Something From My CoC Campaign

Everybody who plays the Call of Cthulhu RPG from Chaosium knows that Yog-Sothoth is one of "the cryptic Old ones". These "Old Ones" (not to be confused with the mythos race of the same name or the Great Old Ones such as Cthulhu, Hastur, etc.) seem to be a shadowy subset of the Outer Gods. Except for Yog-Sothoth, not much seems to be known about them.

I decided to fill in the blanks just a little. Enter Yoth Oorlac, Outer God and member of the cryptic Old Ones. This deity is most decidedly not canon so feel free to alter him to suit your campaign if you use him. Word of Warning to Keepers planning to use him in a scenario: As with most Outer Gods, this entity is extremely dangerous. Unprepared or foolhardy investigators squaring off against him will probably be turned into pasta sauce.

Yoth Oorlac, Lord of the Eldest Void (Outer God)

Description: Yoth Oorlac is a being of the "Before Time". He dwells in a primordial void at the time before new universes are born and after old universes collapse and die. He appears as a large vaguely cigar-shaped polypous entity. At the base of his trunk, he has a number of short thick tentacles for ground movement. Along the main shaft, he has many whiplike tentacles each ending in a curved talon, a multitude of gaping toothy maws which drip a noxious scum, and hundreds of round staring red eyes. Yoth Oorlac's main area of governance seems to be the life force and soul of all living things. He can bestow POW and also take it away. He also has power emanating from the primordial fire that created the universe. Along with his "cousin " Yog-Sothoth, Yoth Oorlac is a member of the cryptic Old Ones. As such, he may appear with a mystic veil to cover his mindbendingly appalling form from mortals so as to deal safely with them.

Cult: Yoth Oorlac is an obscure deity and only deals with a few sorcerors and wizards. He grants them spells and knowledge of how to manipulate the souls of others. He may also grant them knowledge of what went on at the origin of our universe. In return, he is granted sacrifices of living humans and their life force for Yoth Oorlac to feast upon.

Notes: Yoth Oorlac's tentacles extend a full ten yards away from the god and can grab targets within that radius. He can typically attack 1D6 targets per round. Starting on the next round, anyone grabbed will either be squeezed for 13D6 damage per round or be drawn to one of Yoth Oorlac's hideous maws to be permanently drained of 1D6 POW per round. He can also attack by emitting a ball of primordial fire at a cost of 1D6 magic points. This attack can reach over a mile away and almost completely disintegrate any normal object it hits-killing any humans failing to Dodge or jump away.

STR 50
CON 400
SIZ 180
INT 35
POW 100
DEX 10
Hit Points 290
Move 4/50 flying

Tentacle Grab 100%, starting on next round 13D6 crushing damage or 1D6 permanent POW drain
Primal Fire 75%, Death to all in a 5-yard radius from impact point.

Armor: None, but regenerates 20 hit points per round. Also, normal weapons cannot affect Yoth Oorlac. They must be enchanted to have any effect. If Yoth Oorlac should be reduced to 0 hit points, he is dispelled back to the primal void he came from.

Spells: All

SAN: Unless covered by the mystic veil, Yoth Oorlac's main form costs 1d3/1D20 SAN to view. Yoth Oorlac also has other forms besides the polypous main form which are even more horrible to view, costing 1D10/1D100 SAN per viewing.

New Spells Associated With Yoth Oorlac

Call Yoth Oorlac: This spell requires the sacrifice of a living human and must be performed at a ritual site consisting to a stone slab and three standing stones arranged in a triangular pattern and carved with ancient glyphs. For each poinnt of POW permanently expended in enchanting the ritual site, 5% is added to the chance of successfully casting this spell there. The ritual site must be in an open area. Yoth Oorlac claims the sacrifice upon arrival.

Ward of Yoth Oorlac: Takes 3 rounds to cast. It costs 1D6 SAN and a variable number of magic points. For each magic point expended in the casting, a point of damage is placed into a pool of damage points. Each time the caster is struck in melee combat, the striker takes 1D6 damage from a mystic wave of force and energy and a like number of damage points is removed from the caster's pool. The caster also takes no damage. One the points in the pool are used up, the caster can no longer do damage to an attacking foe. If the points in the pool are not used up, the pool will last for 24 hours. Once cast, extra points cannot be used to recharge an existing pool. Ranged attacks do no damage to the attacker, however they still do no damage to the caster other than to use up 1D6 points from the pool. The protection from this spell does not extend to spells cast at the caster or to enchanted weapons aimed at thim.

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