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TW Bruhn

One of the best/strangest games last night

So the theme of last night's adventure was to perform a task for a mage who specializes in grafting undead body parts to living people. My character was missing a hand which was sundered by a mummy, you see...

-My character and the wizard debating what to do about the ogre zombies guarding the Grafter's home. "Right after you, you go ahead and negotiate with those zombies and tell me how it works out."

-The Grafter was a gnome dressed in nothing more than a gold lamé g-string and a brilliant feathered cape. He had an oozing, dripping voice (but was quite nice).

-The price of the graft was 30,000 GP which, as 5th level characters, we just didn't have. (He would of course allow us to dispatch a salamander which was irritating him to help pay off the debt ).

-Our kobold grappler feeling ripped off because he thought the salamander was going to be the size of pack of gum.

-The wizard being one-shotted, only to be resurrected by the unusual goop that he had in his pouches which was stolen from his master. The master put a curse on the goop however, and the wizard resurrected with a human's body and a dog's head.

-My familiar: a decapitated boar's head which my cousin Hubert's spirit inhabits. Hubert was constantly criticizing me for my fashion sense. The party endured hours of loud annoyed grunting...from the both of us.

Our GM, noiseisgood really outdid himself last night, bravo.
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