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Want-to-Know Information for Online Games

Players and GMs, can I ask your opinions?

If you were playing in an online (chat-based) game, and the GM wanted to maintain a website as a resource for their players, what sort of information would you like to have available there?

The system is Old World of Darkness, and the game will run as a series of shorter campaigns. Tentative content includes some kind of large, political gathering/trial; a tactics/siege element (players defending); a hostage situation and probably a number of infiltration/stealth-type adventures.

Planned to include at present:
-General information about playable areas, including population, major landmarks, local figures
-Character bios, public-knowledge info only
-List of influences and organizations with public-knowledge info
-Combat sample for players who aren't comfortable with the system
-House rules
-Expanded/home-brew powers
-Player-specific areas with character sheets
-Session records/summaries

Is there anything you'd add? Or remove?

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