Calysto du Masque (calysto) wrote in roleplayers,
Calysto du Masque


Dragon Fable is an online RPG played through a browser using flash. I was playing it last night when I decided to try the ominously but aptly named "100 Room Dungeon."

I was worried about getting lost in such an immense dungeon so I was thrilled to see a new button named "Map" when I entered the dungeon. None of the other dungeons had ever had such a button.

With anticipation, and figuring the game developers must have decided to cut me a break, I clicked on the "Map" button hoping to get a map of this "100 Room Dungeon." Instead, upon clicking the Map button I was treated to [this link] opening in a new browser window.

Click it. It's very funny, and it is work safe as long as looking at a page housed on an online RPG's website is work safe where you are.

Note: Yes, Dragon Fable would qualify under the "stupid web games" clause in rule 3, but the link (and hence, the point of this post) is absolutely on point for this community.
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