Samuel Tesla (stesla) wrote in roleplayers,
Samuel Tesla

Dexterity of inanimate, immobile objects in d20

So I'm implementing AC, and so I'm trying to figure out which bits are the same for anything with AC (items, creatures, etc), and which bits just go to creatures (including animated objects). In the D&D PHB on page 135 it says (emphasis my own):
An inanimate, immobile object has an AC of 10 + its Dexterity modifier (-5 for no Dexterity) + its size modifier.

Is there any event that would cause an inanimate, immoblie object to even have that wouldn't convert it into an animate object instead? Or were the writers just saying, "everything starts off at 10 AC, but inanimate objects really just start out at 5"?

(My usual Disclaimer applies here. I'm not a rules lawyer. Although I'm starting to enjoy picking apart the system this way)
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