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Newbish musings

I played in my first real D&D game last night!

I'm still pretty green when it comes to tabletop games, so I hope I get all of my terminology right. It's a D&D 3.5 d20 game based on a fantasy world my friend has created. This is quoted from his LJ:

Located on the banks of the Trollmelt River, the city of Scopegard has long been a bulwark against any foe that may threaten the verdant and rich lands of the Scoparan Empire. Control of Scopegard is absolutely essential both for the defense and conquering of the Scoparan Empire. Neighboring kingdoms, jealous of the wealth and prestige of the Scoparan Empire were long held at bay by the high walls and powerful siege engines of Scopegard...

...until one dark night in the winter of 763SY.

A vast army formed of an alliance of three neighboring nations, Curiman, Silandra, and Tamodus with the aid of traitorous nobles of within entered the city, driving the loyalist forces out of the city and across the river. Only quick action by retreating sappers ensured the Alliance advance was stymied when the main bridge leading from the city to the interior of Scopara was destroyed. Upon hearing the news of Scopegard's fall, the Emperor has ordered the mobilization of the Imperial Army and Home Guard to retake the city. Your unit is one of thousands of others called up to serve. Though you and your fellow soldiers come from disparate backgrounds and all walks of life, you share one common trait.

You are the sons and daughters of the Scopara and your motherland needs you.

Character Generation Rules:
Level 1
Races: Standard PH and Eberron (though non-Standard PH requires DM consultation)
Classes: Standard PH and Eberron (note all artificers in this world are gnomes – no exceptions)
All players must come to a consensus of what unit your group is from

Starting Outfits (Note outfits may have additional benefits as you progress in level)
22nd Mountain Guards “The Edelweiss Division”
The 22nd is renown for its role in the routing of the orc tribes of the Stormfall Mountains in 651SY. Though the orc menace no longer exists, the 22nd maintains its headquarters, Castle Edelweiss, there to ensure such a threat never arises again.

Skill Bonuses: Survival counts as a class skill, if class already has Survival, gain +2 on Survival checks

6th Imperial Dragoons “The Emperor's Lance”
A relatively new unit in the grand tradition of the Imperial Dragoons (the previous 6th was completely annihilated in a brave but suicidal attack on a Silandran Dragon Home), the 6th has drilled extensively in mounted combat. However, the sudden capture of Scopegard and subsequent mobilization has resulted in the 6th not having enough horses for its troops.

Skill Bonuses: Ride counts as a class skill, if class already has Ride, gain +2 on Ride checks

97th (Razmodia) Home Guard
Comprised entirely of foot soldiers from the principality of Razmodia, this division is one of dozens mobilized to retake Scopegard.

Skill Bonuses: Spot counts as a class skill, if class already has Spot, gain +2 on Spot checks

73rd Shock Army
Only the dregs of Scoparan society wind up in this division. Comprised of convicts, deserters, and other undesirables, this outfit provides these men and women a chance to regain some semblance of a good standing within the Empire.

Skill Bonuses: Intimidate counts as a class skill, if class already has Intimidate, gain +2 on Intimidate checks.

I'm playing a Kalashtar Psion named Branwyn Xera'Phiel, and she's, well, a flaming bitch! I drew a picture of her when we were on break:

Our DM did this awesome thing where he had the Metal Gear Solid theme (I think the particular mix he used was from MGS4, because it transitioned into the mandolin) playing as he narrated our treacherous river crossing as we were attacked by red dragon riders. They way he timed his narration with the music was PERFECT!

The group consists of my boyfriend (a human warrior), my best girl friend (half-elf thug/rogue), my best guy friend (a human bard), and an elf cleric. There will be two other party members joining up later, I think.

I had an awesome time, and I just hope I'm able to keep up with everyone. I'm okay with the protocol and etiquette (Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress was a life saver), but I definitely need to learn more about spells, abilities, and whatnot.

I'm really excited about learning more. :D

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