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What would you use this for...Part 5.


Here is your weekly discussion of game musics and what all you'd use them for. Again, I hope my offerings spark some discussion among you and you give lotsa feedback. Again I also urge and encourage you to share what you'd use for gaming.

H'okay, let's begin.

This song comes from Enya's Shepherd Moons Album. Lemme tell you how I used it once.

One of my players in a Vampire the Dark Ages Campaign was playing a Moorish Brujah (trained in the old ways of Intellechy) who had embraced the Judeo-Christian God's Faith with both arms (and Potence) and was squeezing rather hard. But while that God may have loved him, he was in Northern Iberia and I assure you no one else did. He saw how the Kine treated other Moors and the downtrodden and was RP'ing out some profound discouragement one day - a despair that those who suffered "The Curse of Ham" (HIS words, not mine) would forever be beneath the boot heel of the rest of God's children and so forth.

So he went to the nearest Cathedral he could find and in the late hours of the night he staged a grand scene for himself of asking the Lord if this was all there would ever be. Now, I COULD have just trundled some Dominican friar out there to shake a bible at him but instead I thought "Meh, dude wants to talk to God?...let God talk back..." And so as he was about to turn to go away, he heard the beginnings of this song - "How Can I Keep From Singing"

Now, shortly after the song began (when Enya began her first lines) There was a ghostly image of a man, a strange looking Moorish man - he was speaking before a large group of people and there were black people and white people there! And they were listening to his every word and giving him respect! But more than that he was giving them a message of hope and they were agreeing with him! This was being played out on the ceiling of the church like a movie in 2D...

What I essentially described to the player was Martin Luther King giving his famous "I have a dream " speech - which I recited as much as I could from memory imitating Dr. King himself.

(for those of you not familiar with the speech, it's here,

Needless to say, PC's faith re-affirmed. He brushed his scarlet tears of joy away and carried on.

The Contemporary Song:

Now this one is an annoying song in most cases, but I found a use for it in a superhero game once. The protagonists had to "recover" a child of all of three years old who had accidentally been dosed with a super-hero-maker-gizmo (the tyke needed studying you see...). Unfortunately the power the kid was dosed with was an ability to be immune to any kinetic impact and to accelerate away from said impact like a rubber ball - almost like the old Marvel Speedball character. Of course the PC's got near the little pisher and he wanted to play, so he fell out of his crib...and bounced...and kept right on bouncing through an open window...and onto the street...and down the street...

And then as they chased him, I put this song on:

Between the crappy dice rolls and the music, it's a wonder that poor little fella survived when they caught him...really is.

Well, thassit for this week. See you next!

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