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What would you use this for...Part 4.

Hello All:

Sorry I am late with this one. I got caught up in some stuff and next thing I knew it was Saturday morning! Anyways, once again, submitted for your opinion are two songs:

First we again plumb the unbelievable mind of that Greek Musical God Vangelis. He wrote this song for a movie called 1492 - Conquest of Paradise. Despite a well stocked cast that included Gerard Depardieux, Sigourney Weaver, Armande Assante and Michael Wincott the flick was a bit of a fart at the box office, and this song (used in the closing credits) was the best thing about the movie>

Can I bore you with where I used the above song? I was running a sci-fi campaign (oddly enough based around Ghouls from Vampire, the Masquerade) and there was a scene where the player characters' ship was about to dock with a disabled enemy ship. The marines were in the boarding hatches, powered armor, weapons ready and there was that three or four minute pause while the ships maneuvered together, then the hard CLANG! of them docking, then the noises of the cutters working a hole in the enemy ship's hull...

And all that time, during that nail-biting wait, the marines had this song they would hum...and it was the opening hum the choir sings in this song. They would hum it as the Master Sergeant would call out the time indices, and call out "Two minutes for the Padre!" so the troopers could take a knee and pray with the Chaplain before they got their heads blown off...Anyhow...very powerful scene...

Now, I am sure many of you are familiar with this song. It was the pulse-pounding soundtrack to Wesley Snipes' Blade walking into a Rave and wasting half the vampires there. Definitely one of the best whuppass scenes ever made IMO...This song is battle music for sure.

But what would YOU use them for? Are there similar songs you have? Ones you prefer over this one? Let us again discuss!

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