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Need some help from the Brain Trust!!!

Okay... I've got an idea for a Black Company (a series of dark fantasy novels by Glen Cook) gaming campaign with a twist... I'm going to set it in The Weird West (Deadlands). My first and biggest challange is the antagonists (here it comes...)

The Ten that got Took!
(Bad, I know... it's a working title).

The basic idea for the Taken in Deadlands: Ten people of significant power and greed are taken by the Reckoners long ago in the past and made into powerful Harrowed with a couple of special edges to them... free, albiet corrupted (in other words... no nasty morals to get in the way and wrest control of the body from the guiding Manitou) will and the fact that only a special sequance of events can permanently destroy any given "Took." Thier mission... They are unleashed on the Weird West (in ten human vessles) to spread fear in mountainous proportions, weaking the boundries for the Reckoners even more than ever before.

The Posse: Individuals that due to mysterious circumstances (at this point, a strange will that ends with the closing "Water Sleeps." He he!) are brought together and sent out to discover the nature of the "Took." In the end, they will find out about hidden fates and strings woven thoughout the ages.

After all... as well all know, Members may die... but The Black Company never will.

Now... what I need is some help from the experts, any one who's reading this and is familier with the books, to help me with any noteworthy abilities with the Taken. (I personally have not read the last book yet, although I'm sure it'll have few references to those Taken that have all ready been destroyed.) Anything that somebody might remember is one less thing I have to look up in the books.

Here's the list of the Taken from the novels: Soulcatcher, Stormbringer, Moonbiter, The Hanged Man, Bonegnasher, Shapeshifter, The Howler, Shapeshifter, Nightcrawler, The Limper, and The Faceless Man.

What I already have is: Soulcatcher's unique insanity (all the voices), Shapeshifter's shapeshifting abilities, The Howler's screams and love for flying contraptions, and the fact that all have quite a level of magickal ability.

Thanks in advance.
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