revlemming (revlemming) wrote in roleplayers,

The following is a list of things my girlfriend listed as gaming truths, discovered after GMing her first game ever after being part of the hobby for less than a few months.

- No matter how difficult or absurd you make a problem, your players will find an even more impossible and preposterous way of solving it.

- All vital plot points and names must be repeated a minimum of three times for players to remember them. Even if it’s written down.
Things mentioned vaguely and in passing for flavor, however, may as well be carved in stone. Players will remind you of these things whenever you least expect them.

- It doesn’t matter if you have players that can knock over the Sears Tower with a good push, or move in any direction at 1,000mph, they’ll still devour experience points like skittles.

- Dice land on 1s and 20s three times as often as any other number.

- As soon as danger rears it’s ugly head, the most powerful tool for any character is the game book. It doesn’t matter what situation a character finds him or herself in: rapidly flipping through pages will always reveal a miraculous solution.
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