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Email received from Paizo

You've only got a few days left to get Paizo's Pathfinder PDFs for 35% off the regular retail price! The sale ends on May 1 at 12:01 AM Pacific Time!

This offer includes Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Path PDFs, Pathfinder Modules PDFs, Pathfinder Chronicles PDFs, Pathfinder Companion PDFs, and Pathfinder Society Scenario PDFs.

Since we first announced the promotion, two additional companies have allowed us to include their PDFs in the sale as well: Sean K Reynolds Games and Pathfinder Paper Minis!

Just add the qualifying PDFs you would like to buy into your cart, and when you're checking out, type the promotional code "PDFLove" in the appropriate box. The 35% discount will be applied to your qualifying PDFs at that point. You can use this code as many times as you like until the end of April, and feel free to share this code with your friends.

Thanks for your support!

Paizo Publishing

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