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Uncle Dark

Wilderness of Mirrors

So, I bought a copy of John Wick's espionage game, <i>A Wilderness of Mirrors</i>.  I'm impressed.  I don't think it's as generally applicable as Wick describes in the text (it seems better adapted for Mission Impossible than James Bond), but that said, it's a great game for what it does.

I have a question, though:

In the games, spies are rated in five areas of expertise, which have cute code names:
Saturn: Leadership and planning
Mars: Making things dead
Mercury: Talking (i.e. Lying) to people
Hephaestus: Tech
Pluto: Stealth

A character's rating in each of these determines how many dice they have in their pools to use in various challenges.  You roll a number of dice equal to your Mars rating when you're fighting, or a number equal to your Mercury rating when trying to bluff a guard.  But for what kind of challenge would you roll Saturn dice?

I can see using Saturn dice to get bonuses for one's team, but that seems a bit limited compared to the others.  It also seems a bit meta.  Now, I'm not usually against meta-gaming (in terms of making decisions other than those which represent character actions), but it seems odd to have a stat used only for meta.

An enemy agent attacks?  Use your Mars dice.  Sneaking past security cameras? Roll Pluto.  But what in-game events call for a Saturn roll?
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