Duc De Duras (duc_de_duras) wrote in roleplayers,
Duc De Duras

Diversity in gaming.

I just was sitting looking at a picture of my gaming table with all of us sitting around the table and it sort of struck me what a hugely diverse group we have. There are 6 people at the table and among them there are 1 Muslim, 1 Hindu, 1 Catholic, 1 Atheist, 1 Paganish individual (their words), 1 Agnostic/Humanist. There are men and 2 women. There are educational levels from high school graduate through doctoral candidate. The is a biochemist, a tech support individual, an economics professor, a librarian, and two senior IT developers. There are political views ranging from far left to the far right.

I know I have an unusual group of gamers. But I don't think we're truly too far from the norm of the hobby. Truthfully I think the hobby has a tremendous amount of diversity in it and that struck me as really amazing.
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