Azure (azuresorrow) wrote in roleplayers,

Just a funny occurance:

My character has been tracking down the location of an ancient artifact piece, and his search leads him to an ancient ruined palace filled with monsters, traps, and things of wonder. He encounters the palace's guardian, a Baelnorn (sp? I'm talking about those good-aligned elven Liches), who inquires what he seeks.

Hero: "I'm seeking an ancient artifact that is a piece to the Arm of the Sildarine."

Guardian: "Yes, it is here. But if you wish to claim it, you must pass... the test."

Hero: "Very well, I'm ready."
The hero steels himself for combat. He puts himself mentally on guard for illusions and mental attacks. To his surprise, the Baelnorn hands him a parchment.

Guardian: "That's your test. It has 25 multiple choice questions, ten true or false, and one essay. Write on your own paper. You may begin."
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