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What to do, what to do...

I play a nobleman, Terim Andomarr, in a FR campaign. My fellow PCs are a Jovic (demon who has been subjected to santify the wicked spell) named Jovic, and a human female crusader of Tyr named Megan. In and out of game, Jovic and I are cool. We've gamed together for more than five years, so we know each other, and can work together.
Megan, however, is another story.  LJ-cut for those who don't wish to see all the gory details.

Jovic's player couldn't make it, so Megan and Terim split up to accomplish a few goals and do some character business. Lots of info is given to Megan about some shennanigans going on in her church, and I politely limit myself to a couple of "uh-oh" and "That's not good" comments. The GM switches to me, and I find out several things that really piss Terim off. Of course, I have Terim react IC, and right when he's about to confront an NPC, Megan's player pipes up - "Hey, GM, does (insert name of special ability here) have a saving throw? I don't have it listed."
Yes, this info is important. But he said it while I was talking!
I was discombobulated, to say the least. So, I repeated myself, as to who I'm going to go confront, and how my character is acting.
Megan's player: You already said that. Twice. Hurry up!"
Me: (even more discombobulated): Is NPC home?
GM: What?
Megan's player: Does (special ability) have a saving throw?
GM: Look it up, it's in Tome of Nine Swords. NPC isn't home, what do you do?
Me: I go find Megan.
Megan's player: "Yeah, I heard everything, blah, I'm going to go talk to The Hand (church NPC).
Terim had no intention of telling Megan anything about the situation! 

So another important NPC is in Amphail, a city about two day's travel from here. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, and evidently Megan learns that the NPC has travelled to Baldur's Gate.
Me: I'm going to Amphail to talk to NPC.
Megan: (iterrupting the GM). She's not there, she's in the other city. The big one, with a harbor.
Me: OOG - Waterdeep?
Megan: OOG, and really impatient - No, the one with a HARBOR.
Me: Dude, that describes about fifteen cities on Faerun!  Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate, Skuld, Immersea, there are lots. GM, what city is NPC in?
GM: Megan only knows IG.
Me: I'm going to Megan. "Hey, we really need to talk to NPC. Let's go - Amphail is only a couple of days ride - we'll be there and back well before the new Hand is selected, at Shieldmeet."
GM: NPC is in Baldur's Gate. *SIGH*
Me: Oh, well, then, we'll wait until after Sheildmeet - we'll never make it there and back in time otherwise.
Megan: It's not that far!
Me: Baldur's Gate is three weeks hard ride. Shieldmeet is two weeks from tomorrow, game time. Did you suddenly become a 12th level wizard with teleport? Didn't think so.(To GM:) I'm going to the Temple of Allurin to blow off steam.
Megan: I'm grabbing Terim by the arm, we're going to our employer's house to get a teleport scroll. (Anything to do with wizardry comes out of my pay, BTW).
Me: Were are we going?
Megan: To get a DAMN teleport scroll!
Me: I can't afford that!
Keep in mind, we're in the middle of the main drag, in Waterdeep, and it's 10 bells in the morning. The streets are very crowded.
Megan: Oh, that's right. When your GAY BROTHER came out of the closet, he all but ruined you financially, didn't he? You need the next pay to pay your servants right?
GM: You're saying this in the middle of the street? You're not dragging Terim off to a private alley?
Megan: Hell yeah, I'm saying it right here and now!
This was the info I didn't plan on sharing with Megan. She tells her superiors in the church everything, and with this little outburst, informed all of Waterdeep's Trades Ward that my character's family had finanical issues.
The GM told me that after I'd left, Megan's player complained bitterly about how I was rude to him (the wizard comment) and how I bogged the game down because I repeated myself all the time and put my two cents in when he was off doing other things.

With all this being said, I guess my main question is: How would you deal with this guy? I have the GM's word Megan will only be involved in the next ten to twelve game sessions, until this game goes to a one-on-one. I'm not giving up on the game or the character.

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