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A hero can save us...from semantics

Gnome Stew's got me thinking again, so let me throw this one to the crowd.

What do you think of when you read the words Heroic Fantasy? Which books/films/games would you put under that heading? Which characters would you call heroes?

For heroic fantasy, I immediately think of Tolkien, but his use of mythic concepts occasionally inhibits my ability to identify with the characters - Aragorn is just too gosh darned good. I'd say the same thing about Star Wars, but I can, at least, identify a little more with Han Solo as a person with a mixed bag of motivations.

For straight up hero, the first character that leaps to mind is Solomon Kane, because he represents someone striving to do the right thing. Kane, like a lot of heroes, suffers from the problem that you rarely feel he's in any real danger. That being said, I think Harry Potter is pretty darned heroic as well.

Why ask these questions? Because it affects how we game. If your notion of Hero is Conan and mine is Captain America, we might need to know that before we get into playing a game together. How may of you have had arguments over what characters would do? How many have had arguments over what the "doing the right thing" means in certain circumstances and to certain characters? Moral debates between characters can be fun. Arguments spawned because players define terms in different ways rarely are.

What do you think?
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