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Star Wars Saga Edition: essential supplements

I ordered the Star Wars Saga Edition core book and expect to get something running soon, and have a little gift card money hanging around, so I want to find out what supplements and additional products are a complement to any SWSE game. Do you find the GM screen necessary? Do Galaxy Times really add a lot to the game? How about the minis (and which sets)? I hear a lot of people say Starships of the Galaxy is required reading, but why, when I usually use ships as plot devices? What does the KOTOR Guide add for someone who loves KOTOR but might not otherwise be able to convince players to try it? How about The Force Unleashed Guide (as someone who has not played the game but knows the basic plot via the comic)? Would Threats of the Galaxy be good for every game, every era? Is Scum and Villainy useful to all games, or just crime stories? What is your favorite and why? How about your least favorite and why?

Personally, I like a book that gives me plot hooks, some new options for players but definitely not rules bloat, interesting places and people, and is fun to read. Non-book accessories should add to the game without distracting from the fun elements (storytelling, wow factor, tactical decision-making, Star Wars-ishness).

Thanks Roleplayers!
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