odheirre (odheirre) wrote in roleplayers,

I'm getting a Macintosh and was looking at some of the software available for it. Came across Storyist Software, and thought this would work wonderfully for gaming -- it lets you create postcards and notes to be filed later, link graphics, create Wiki-like links, do a project-wide search, and build templates for forms.

Two questions:
1. Has anyone used Storyist or a similar writing-type software for their campaign? I use MS Excel to record experience points and dates, and a Word document for random notes, and I'm thinking this has to be a lot better.
2. Any other Macintosh programs for gaming out there? Should be game independent. Since any of the Java programs (and .NET if I want to install Mono) are platform independent, I guess I should specify any Mac-specific programs out there that are useful?
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