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I may be insane, but I am also persistent in my pursuits of geekhood.

First off, thank you all of you who answered my last post. I'd respond to all of you, but that's a lot of comments. Rest assured, all your thoughts and advice were read and considered, and I'm grateful.

Anyway, I am apparently much like my mother, in that when I get a bee in my bonnet about something, I tend to do it, sooner rather than later. I warn you that the results are not particularly pretty, but I managed to make a gingerbread d20!

The first step was to cut out and bake around five hundred thousand triangles of gingerbread. I got mighty sick of triangles. I tried two sizes: 2" and 1". They both wound up being handy, but for different reasons.

I started with the large ones, and made four five-piece "caps." I used bowls and cones of waxed paper to help them set into the proper shape.

Once those were set, I placed the caps onto mugs and iced five more pieces onto them.

The original plan was to make two like this and then fit them together, but alas, my engineering skills were not up to the task and they didn't fit together as neatly as I had hoped.

Once those were set, I had to settle for icing the other five pieces onto them directly, which worked relatively well.

Once those were set, it was easy to ice another cap onto the top, and voilà! A bare gingerbread d20.

They are not pretty. But they're made.

I then attempted the same thing with the smaller triangls. Utter failure. The good thing about failure in gingerbread is that it's at least tasty.

The smaller triangles turned out to be useful, however. It's a lot easier piping numbers on a bunch of flat triangles than it is on something large and unwieldy.

It was easy to ice them all into place. I even made sure to get all the orientations correct.

They're going to roll like shit, though.

But tasty!

The little triangles didn't made bad d4s, though.

I also had some left over 2" triangles, so I got out a few larger d4s as well. I made sure to make five of each size. You know, in case I had to throw damage for a Magic Missile or something.

Not a die, but I do love my unicorn cookie cutter. It's a staple of my Christmas baking.
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