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4ed Skill challenge request

Ok, I got the original set of books, which were promptly changed about a month after I got them (Grrrr). I know that the errata changed the skill challenges, however, the errata is in a form that doesn't easily fix things. It's "page 4 replace 14 with 13" or some such like that.

Does anyone know a webpage or similar that spells out the new skill challenge .. "stuff" in plain English and in paragraphs?

Something I can print out and stick in my 4ed DMG.

... and please I'm a 37 year old with not a lot of time here, don't assault me with "it's pretty simple you just switch this and that." That's fine and dandy but I need it in the book so when I play I can refer to it.

This is one of the reasons I'm a bit miffed at WotC, they put out a book and then fundamentally *change* aspects of the book (not spelling changes but how an important thing works) making my friggin 75 purchase lesser.

Anyroad, any assist is greatly appreciated.

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