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A Dream

One of my more coherent ones, in fact.
A number of people around the world have found a strange elixir. When drunk, they discovered they could see faeries (and by extention, kami). This started subtly enough -- small motes of light, then tiny faces in the sand, or in plants, or what-have-you. My dreams focussed on two people -- one being Wil Smith, I think, who happened to take it, but the big story lay with this woman who was an artist. She lived with a man (the guy who played the father in Beetlejuice) who couldn't see the faeries. She didn't tell him right away what she could see, but began talking with the faeries in the privacy of her own room (there were three or so living in her fish tank), and when she'd go out, they'd flit about her room, changing things around and seeing what she had.

Eventually, she showed them things she enjoyed, such as the movie Star Wars, and then finally decided to show her roomie what was going on. He couldn't see them, but he could see and feel what they did, so she had them move things around, tangle his hair, and what-not. They adored her.

Strangely, while she was an artist, she began to get interested in crafting. She'd made drawings of some of the faeries, and had made moulds of them. She and her roomie went to a specialist, who was reporting similar incidents all around the world. She took her moulds, and brought them into make plaster casts, but while they were sinking into the plaster (or whatever it is), the faeries pushed her in too. Later, they drew her out, and when the mould was split ... they discovered the outline of where her legs should have been was a mermaid's tail. She was fine, and had normal legs, but the mould showed a long mermaid's tail, complete with scales. This threw everyone for a loop.

Later, she took an interest in carving, and was creating unusual instruments, the likes of which have not been seen before, but were elegant and graceful and beautiful. The problem was - her roomie was having trouble seeing her. He could hear her somewhat, but she had to actively get his attention for him to see her. This was happening to the other faerie touched around the world as well, as if normal people were losing sight of them. It ended, finally, with her being 'lost', the people who were faerie touched joining the faeries for good.

Then I woke up.

And now... I am trying to think how to use this. Which game system, which mechanics, how would I run this for the players, etc. >:) Would they be the faerie touched, or would they be the people watching their friends and companions slowly change over time and eventually fade?

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