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I am starting in a Transhuman Space, GURPS game. I'm excited about it. For the longest time I wanted to get into table top role playing but all the people I knew who were into it lived 2 hours away. I saw then occasionally, but couldn't committ to anything and so never really bothered to learn. Recently I moved to where they are, and I tried out D&D, played in a couple sessions and got bored (which is funny cause a friend told me to not play D&D). Then I joined my World of Darkness game and I love it. I actually understand RPG terms (and can laugh when people make jokes). It seemed all so confusing at first! The reason I didn't like D&D was that it was too combat heavy. Here is how I explain it: With rare exceptions, I do not like turn based video games (yes, this includes Final Fantasy). I just think it's boring to sit there watching a bunch of cut scenes then going up to an enemy, "ok do you want to punch or kick this person. Press A or B", you hit, ok now the other person is going to do something, they missed. Your turn. Who fights like that? I want to play the cut scenes (I love tha analogy!) I like the role playing side of it, with a bit of combat or rolling to see if I can do something. With D&D it seemed the whole session was about combat. At least in the one I played. Anyway, here is my back story from my GURPS character.

"My name is Taylor Moon Clairmont. Are we done laughing? Good. For the record my parents didn’t name me based on a certain anime character.

Taylor was my grandmother’s name and they chose Moon because they knew I would shine the biggest and brightest among smaller stars. They wanted to be so sure of this, that when I was conceived they got me the Siduri upgrade. What that means is the people at the gene corp. replaced some of the DNA in the fertilized egg with the sequences from the upgrade template. A lot of the genes are still my parents, but there are extensive sequences that affect my appearance and body structure that are new. I found out about this when I was around ten. I decided it was a shitty thing to do, but I dealt with it. I mean, why would you change who someone is just to mold them to your expectations? I actually don’t mind my name that much; I just get annoyed when I can tell people are trying to hold back laughter. My parents are multi millionaires, and yes, they are your stereotypical rich people. They work together as real estate agents. At first they only sold property on earth (where I was born), Earth's Moon, Mars and Deimos and Phobos (Mars' Moons). However thanks to expensive technology they were able to expand to other planets in the solar system without even needing to leave their home (because some planets would take months to get to). As you can imagine they work with all sorts of clients (not always 100% human). As much as I love my Mom and Dad I get annoyed with the way they treat people. If you make less than ten million dollars a year, you aren’t worth talking to. This could be a potential problem for me.

It’s true I was born upper class and with a silver spoon in my mouth, but that has never been me. All the parties and galas I attend are because I am required to by my parents. My face is all over magazines and television, and it’s all because my parents make me out to be a Paris Hilton clone (she’s an old time heiress from my grandparents' generation). Luckily I have a pretty good reputation, a lot has to do with the fact I don’t drink often and I think I’ve been to a night club once (to see what all the fuss was about). Of course there are people who assume because I am heiress to a fortune, I must be stuck up. This just isn’t true.

As I mentioned before my parents look down upon people who do not make as much or more than them. I have had a secret for a very long time, since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to become an artist. I remember an art course was required in my fancy private school. Parents and other students snubbed their noses at it, but I loved it. I felt it was a place I could be myself.

I took a liking to abstract art, as I found more freedom and unlimited potential in it. During my senior year of college I met Trent, Dallas and Star. All three of them are amazing artist and we all became very good friends. When I tell my parents I’m going out clubbing or to mingle with "the common folk", as they call them, I actually go down to the center of town to a small coffee dive called, “Loca Mocha” and hang with Trent, Dallas and Star. Star and Dallas are sisters and Trent is Star’s boyfriend. Each week we each bring a different art material and we sit and create something beautiful. The tradition is after we are done we give it to the person to our right.

I dare not tell my parents my love of painting. They would freak out if they knew that a hair on my head was ever out of place. It took a lot of convincing to be allowed not to attend college after high school. It’s just easier to tell them I don’t want to go than to tell them I want to go for art. I’d rather people not recognize me as an heiress; they are usually quick to judge. It’s nice to hang out with artist friends because I can go out in jeans and a t-shirt (hidden from my parents of course). Someday I will tell my parents everything, but until then I have to remain their perfect princess.

I’m not always perfect. I sometimes have a short temper and unfortunately my rich blood will come out. I’ve said some pretty snobby things out of anger. I suppose I should tell you a bit about what I look like. I’m pretty tall and was blessed with hour glass figure. My eyes are green and my hair is chin length and blonde (yes, natural). My best feature, I think, is the dimple on my left cheek that shows up when I smile.

So, that’s all about me. If you do meet me, please get to know me before you judge me. Because the pages are much more colorful and bright than you would expect."

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