No one of note (darker_dreams) wrote in roleplayers,
No one of note

having come in through the out door

I suppose it would be good form to actually introduce myself;
I'm a 21 year old gamer that has been playing D&D since I was 8. I mostly stick to 3rd ed D&D and White Wolf's VTM LARP (best outlet for real role playing ~as opposed to roll playing~ that I've found.), with less than occasional foreys back to AD&D.
I have played tabletop white wolf, GURPS, Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, and a couple others.
and I have a termanal fondness for CarWars (everyone has to have an outlet for meaningless violance now and again...)
I fancy myself something of a writer and poet, however unlike most who see how grand they are I see how much I need to improve...
that all said, I think I have monopolized enough of everyone's time... thank you, and be well.
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