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Update: The log thing worked!

Thanks arantzain and everyone else for your suggestions. Using a combination of your different tips and (mainly) floating downstream on a hollowed out log did the trick. I never set a forest fire... I thought it was too risky that the fire and smoke would give away my position in case she was airborne as I was starting the fire...

I did make intentionally deep and obvious tracks then walk backwards over them to the river though. Probably just looked silly to the Dragon, but whatever. Maybe she got busy with other critters or maybe she just gave up, too paranoid now to stay away from her nest too long. All I know is that one bumpy log ride and a few days of travel later, Mama's nowhere to be seen.

I asked my GM about the Dragon Eggs being so easy to break; he states that they were not magically protected because for one, Green Dragons aren't as adept spell casters as their Red or Blue cousins. And the second reason is that the nest was magically protected in another way; the cave entrance where they lay was magically sealed/hidden from the outside. After I exited the cave I couldn't even find where the entrance that I had just come out of was. The reason I stumbled on the nest is because I came in through a "back door." A magically sealed gate that no one had used for hundreds and hundreds of years. But that centaur guy (can't remember his name) who's the leader of Harper Hall in Silvery Moon gave me the key to the gate.
HE COULD HAVE TOLD ME ABOUT THE DAMN DRAGON. I mean, shoot, even if that passage hasn't been used in hundreds of years, how old is an OLD category Dragon.

Alright, now I'm near Unicorn Run, and I'm apparently taking on an entire Zhentarim stronghold (with a little help).
wish me luck!

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