Azure (azuresorrow) wrote in roleplayers,

mama's angry

My 2nd Ed AD&D 5th level bard (Blade kit from the complete Bard's handbook) kind of... stepped on some dragon eggs and crushed them. Woops. And then, to top it off, was attacked by a hatchling who he severely injured in self defense. Mama dragon was out at the time.

A few hours later, my character is hiding in a bush, completely frozen by Dragon Fear as through the canopy of the trees, he sees Mama flying in search pattern circles.

After a few hours she disappears, and he cautiously resumes travel... only to have to clamber into the crook of a tree as he sees her tree-trunk-sized legs touch down only a mere few hundred yards away!

So yeah... I'm traveling South in the FR's High Forest just a little ways North of Unicorn Run, with an age category "Old" Green Dragon on my heels.

Any suggestions on how to shake Mama off? I don't think trying to explain that it was an accident and offering a polite apology is going to cut it.

Edit: Oh, if it matters I already had my character wash his clothes and bathe in a nearby river to get the scent of Dragon blood and Dragon egg "goo" off oh him. That spot was where the Dragon began her search and has been tracking him down since.

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